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About Boi Brazil

Operating in the cutting and deboning market since 2000, the Boi Brasil slaughterhouse started its activities in Goiás, one of the largest states in the production of beef cattle in the country.

With an average of 500 boned bovine pieces monthly, the company saw the opportunity to grow and reach other markets. Owning a beef jerky production unit, in 2003 Boi Brasil expanded its business and opened a new unit in the state of Tocantins, due to the quality already known in the livestock production market in the state.


This factor was a turning point for the company, which optimized its costs, providing tender, juicy meat with the highest quality.


In 2006, the company inaugurated its main factory in the municipality of Alvorada, 320km from the capital Palmas – TO.

With a highly modern and technological infrastructure, the unit is responsible for the slaughter and deboning of cattle, in addition to having accreditation for the sale and export of meat.

We have 4 units in Brazil, divided into three states (Tocantins, Goiás and Minas Gerais) in addition to more than 1,050 employees. Our professionals are highly qualified and specialized, guaranteeing the origin of the meat throughout the production scale. 

We follow the strict standards of hygiene and food safety required by the Ministry of Agriculture, the SIF (Federal Inspection Seal), which attest to the attributes of our products.

Our business is based on the cooperation, high standards and dedication of our employees and collaborators. These herds are meticulously cared for and monitored, so that our mix reaches the points of sale with excellence and notoriety.


Thinking about serving and expanding the meat market. With balanced food and 24h supervision. We work with dedication so that your food is rich, diverse and, of course, tasty! The best cuts you can only find at Boi Brasil.

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